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Interview with Lisa Fulham: Protect Your Breasts


I’m honored to have the beautiful Lisa Fulham with me chatting about Protect Your Breasts. An annual event that bring awareness about breast cancer to social media.

Zoey: Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for doing this. Let’s get started. Vicki and yourself have been putting something very important together every September for the past 2 years, can you tell us about it?

Lisa: Firstly I just want to thank you for wanting to do this interview and shine a spotlight on PYB (Protect Your Breasts). Yeah, the campaign has been going to two years now and Vicki came on board in time for the annual event last year; to be honest, I’m not sure how I would have been able to carry it on without her. We now have a twitter account, Facebook page, blog and Pinterest, there’s no way I’d be able to run all that on my own.

PYB is a campaign to raise awareness for the importance of self examination in both men and women for signs of breast cancer. Around 400 men a year in the UK alone are diagnosed with breast cancer, until I began this campaign it had never occurred to me that men could even get it too so it’s important to make sure men are aware informed as well as women.

The last weekend of every month we post reminders for everyone to do their self examination as medical advice is it should be done once a month. The last Sunday of September is when we do our annual event and ask people to change their twitter avi to a picture of their chest either in a hand bra, bra or t-shirt; we don’t want to make people uncomfortable or think they can’t join in.

Our event is always a lot of fun, but also we have had people come to us and tell us they have had themselves checked out by doctors after discovering something thanks to our campaign which just shows how much of a difference people can make.


Zoey: I’m always happy to help with PYB. So, how did the idea of men and women showing their chests/favorite shirt to show their support come about?

Lisa: A picture of a bra lol Honestly, that’s how all this started. I posted a picture of a new bra I had bought on Twitter. I laid it on my bed to snap the image, posted and then a female friend of mine suggested I post a picture of me wearing it; never one to back down from a challenge I did it. After that my friend and I got talking and she asked if I would be interested in doing something for breast cancer. PYB was born. The first year I had no idea what the hell I was doing or what to expect, last year I had Vicki and we had a plan and this year we are going even further and have recruited some amazing people to help us.

Zoey: I remember that picture. I’m glad you didn’t back out of the challenge. Now, what about people who don’t have Twitter? Is there a Facebook page to post support to?

Lisa: We do have a Facebook page where people can show their support, but we are not asking people to post pictures on there as Facebook is very strict on what can and can’t be post and we wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble.

If people still want to share their pictures, but don’t have a twitter account they can DM their picture to the PYB page and we will post on our twitter and Pinterest accounts for them with their name if they’d like or anonymously.

Zoey: Something new and exciting is happening this year. Can you let the cat out of the bag?

Lisa: Absolutely not! Lol We do have something extra special happening this year which will not be being announced until Friday the 25th of September. People will see the announcement on Facebook and Twitter at 9pm GMT

Zoey: Sorry world, I guess you’ll just have to wait. Recently your campaign has come under some pretty harsh attacks, can you tell us a little about that?

Lisa: Yes, unfortunately we have had more negativity already this year than our two years of doing this combined. Some people have called the campaign insensitive as we are showing our chests while talking about Breast Cancer, but we actually have people supporting us who have had mastectomies and have shared their pictures and their stories. Most importantly, we have had people tell us they had never checked their breasts until seeing our campaign.

We have never wanted to offend anyone, but if even one person checks their breasts then we are doing good things.

Cancer is not fun and we are certainly not trying to trivialize it, but having so many people change their avi even for a day makes people sit up, take notice and that’s when we get to spread the PYB message far and wide.

Negativity has no place in our campaign and while we still have supports and people listening to what we have to say then we will keep on doing what we are doing

For people who want to get involved and help share our campaign we ask that they change their avi (on twitter) and use the following hash tag so we can find them #PYB

People on Facebook can help by sharing the page and inviting their friends directly to like the page.

You can find PYB in the following places

Twitter https://twitter.com/PYB_cancer

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/PYB-Protect-Your-Breasts/726047690850495

WordPress https://t.co/l13msaKa4L

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/PYB_Cancer/

Zoey: I have a feeling this year will be fantastic and will definitely set the bar very high. Thank you for taking time out of your daily life to sit with me.

Lisa: Thanks again Zoey for doing this interview and for joining in and supporting this campaign

Together let’s make C stand for Clear, not Cancer.



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